Hottingen – an area with an eventful history

From farmstead to city district

Until the mid-19th century, Hottingen was a rural suburb of Zurich dotted with farms and the occasional elegant country residence. The Römer family and their farmstead later gave their name to the district’s main square. Hottingen eventually succumbed to the increasing urbanisation of the area and the accompanying population growth, and the traditional, largely agricultural population was joined by a new urban class. For them, Hottingen was no longer the centre of their lives; it was now just the place where they lived. Hottingen was incorporated into Greater Zurich in 1893 – and so this small farmers’ village became a chic, bustling city district.


A history in pictures

Originally one of Zurich’s rural suburbs, Hottingen transformed in the 19th century into a city district with enduring appeal – and has close ties to the Dolder Waldhaus.